Sunday, August 13, 2006

People suck

So I get a call friday night from a key pa I know and he asks if I want to work. Of course I want to work so I say yes. He tells me he will call me back later this weekend. I have yet to receive a call. I hate this crap. I mean just call and tell me what time you need me because it fucks up my entire schedule. I mean if it is really early I have to stay at someones place in the city tonight and I have to call them now and see if I can stay. The really annoying part is that I usually stay with the guy I've been sleeping with who has seemed very distant recently and I really don't want to have to call him.

He is the other one I am pissed at. I mean we talked on thursday and he was like oh i'll call you tomorrow. Did he call? No, have I heard from him since? No. So right now my life is really depressing. I have been sitting at my aunts house all weekend doing nothing but catching up on tv and other sorts of things. I did get a chance to organize my room so that was nice. However I am very down on life/depressed right now.

Oh well I guess I will just sit here. Or I will find something to keep myself busy. Guys suck, and not just the ones you are seeing, all of them.


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