Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ok..better now

Yeah I'm over that little freak out that I had. I found out that he was working in an area that he actually has to pay attention to. So now that I'm a little better we are going to try and keep these freak outs to a minimum. I know they are bad and in general guys are not fans of them. Especially guys that are freaked out about defining what we are.

Oh you are noticing how early I am up. Well that is a good question. Today is my grandfathers 80th birthday. I am leaving for Jersey to catch a ride with my cousins down to Atlantic City. Z got out of it kinda because she is under age and it would be really really boring. Plus we are meeting with tons of my grandparents friends so since I know I am going to be super bored I could only imagine Z. I actually lobbied for her to stay in ny while I take the long ride.

Well I'm off. Its good I'm not seeing him today. Give some forcced space so he can see that he might want to spend some time with me. Its all good.


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