Thursday, June 22, 2006

Life becoming normal?

I don't really think its possible for my life to be normal. I mean really. Come on its me. So yeah still looking for a place. Thats going oh so well. Looked at about 4 places now. I really want one, but it seems like I won't get it since there are like 20 other people looking at it and I highly doubt they would want me over all the others.

On another front I am working three days next week. Which is really good, but we are going to have like 70 background. I mean thats scary to think about, I mean Rob and I are not super great at this yet. We still are having little issues here and there. I sure hope it all goes well. I think if we can handle that then I can almost be considered to be a real background person. I hope that I make some real great connections with the crew so that I can work again. I sure hope that after this movie I can get my own work.

And on the last front I have no clue what is going on. I mean honestly I don't know if we are more than friends or not. We have yet to spend any time with each other outside of work. To me that is not a relationship. I know he said he wasn't looking for anything serious, but he gave the idea that he wanted to spend time with me outside of work. Well whatever, I'm not exactly going to cry my eyes out. I like him as a friend and I guess that is what we will stay. Hey at least I get a ride out of him to work all the time, it could be worse. So I keep looking, isn't that like my life? I have lived this long without a boy, why can;t I wait any longer?

Eventually my life will get together. I just have to give it time. And we all know how patient I am. Yeah not so much. I'll keep it updated.


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