Friday, June 02, 2006

Didn't take very long

Yeah we know me and of course it did not take very long to make a fool of myself in front of Robert. Yeah I'm that talented. So I was a little sad that He hadn't called me yet. I know he was working late and such but I hadn't got a text in awhile so as usual I over thought it. So I send a text to Jake saying boys suck, you know normal Lana craziness that Jake totally understands. Later in the night Jake and I chat about our days and his opening. Fun fun. Well later in the night a certain boy calls. Of course I am happy so I text Jake because I know he is out drinking, I tell him "boys don't suck so much. he called yay!" Well Robert called me back when he got home to talk and he mentioned I send him a text. I figured it was one I sent him earlier that happened to take forever.

No, I'm not that lucky. Apparently I'm so talented that instead of sending Jake the text I sent it to Robert. Oh and after about 3 seconds he figured out who the HE was that called. I almost died. Really I almost did. I do not know how to make this better. So we talk for a bit more.

Pretty much totally embarrasing. I don't really know if I can top that one. Well, just give me some time, I usually surprise myself.


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