Saturday, June 03, 2006

Boys are confusing

Yeah I really don't get boys. They confuse me a lot. So...... new boy decides to tell me that "right now i am not really ready to have a serious relationship i just want to date more though" He says its because he is very busy with work and I go ok. I know this up front and its good to know, but then he turns around and says.."will see what happens u never know what comes about when u get serious with someoene"

Anyone else confused? Because I know I am. And then we talk more about it when we see each other and he says "its not like I want to date other people, its a time issue" So I guess he is into me? I have no clue. So I think it might be safe to say we are dating. I think, please don't quote me on that.

I guess just becasue I am 21 he thinks that after one date I want him to be my boyfriend. Nope sorry, doesn't quite work that way. I mean honestly, didn't we leave high school a long time ago? I know it has been at least 3 years for me and even in high school I wasn't "high school". Personally I "date" someone for a month or so before I even have that little talk. I like to give things a chance and see how they will unfold. Oh yeah last night he used the "you're young" card. I was like are you kidding me, if you knew me better that phrase would not be coming out of your mouth.

Anyways, I could always use some advice on how to better understand boys. I figure he is just afraid to define anything. The good thing is he isn't looking for a friend with benefits kind of deal. He is acting all boyfriendy just without the title. Whatever, but I will say after a little while, say a month or so, we will see if anything is changing. You know me, I will give him a chance for awhile, but after that I will be like or we are either together or we aren't pick one. We can still be friend (not the benefits kind either), but I would like to know in what direction we are heading. See I try to have a good head on my shoulders...sometimes it just doesn't work.


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