Thursday, May 26, 2005

Moving on up

Today I am moving out of my room and moving into 1503. Yeah for change of scenery. Although pretty interesting in this building when there is mold they simply paint over it an prays it goes away. Right now I am waiting for them to ok me to start moving my stuff into my new room so that this evening I can make some dinner and do my laundry. I haven't done laundry in a bit so it should be fun. It sucks because tonight I am alone, Phil and Myles went to see a new movie in another state and Theresa is working til about midnight. I want someone to talk to or at least just chill with. I need a life, I need more friends.

I went looking at a few apartments today. I have seen a lot of apartments in the last few days. I actually found one that I liked a lot, it was on 57th between 3rd and lex. I think that it would be really cool to live in, only problem is that it is a bit on the pricy side. I hope that my parents fall in love with it and want to get it. I would be a very happy person. Well off to find out if I can move into my new room or not. Yeah for school officals.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Everything is finished, class is over, roommates are movd out, and I am sitting here bored out of my mind. I don't know what is wrong with me. My mom is pushing me to get an apartment now so I should be going to look at about 12 apartments a day according to her. Whatever. I also seem to have no clue according to her about anything. The school is also pissing me off because Theresa can't come and visit me because she goes to Marymount, talk about dumb.

I hope I start to get out of this slum. I just don't know what is going on with me. My parents are coming up in a week and I should be happy about that but with the way my mom has been lately I'm not as thrilled as I was. Well off to clean and get some groceries.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Going Crazy

The semester is almost over. YEAH! But before I can totally be happy, I have to go through hell first. Yup, writing all my final papers and ripping my hair out in little clumps. I mean really it is ok to be driven crazy by my homework. Theresa and I have been very bad, we "work" together in her room, yeah right, we totally watch tv and talk, there is no work done, which is really getting us back now. Both of us have to write around 10 pages by tomorrow. She has a final and I don't which I am so happy about. I finally finished my journal for directing, which I didn't think I should haev done in the first place, but whatever.

All I have left is 4 more pages of my theatre history paper, which is not as easy as it sounds, and my directing final. I am so close but like no where near. Ugh I can do it really, only 4 more pages to write and I am free. I can totally do it. Ugh back to the papers, I hope to finish them both tonight. *crossing fingers*

Friday, May 13, 2005

Packing IS fun

I don't actually have to move out of the dorms like evryone else, but I do have to pack my room up. This is not fun. I have way too much crap to put into boxes and move them to a new room. UGH don't want to deal with this crap. Too much stuff to worry about, I know I am going to lose something.

On the other hand today I went shopping with Phil and Theresa. I got a new sun dress and shirt. I mostly got these new items for my family so that I can look "nicer". Which I have totally been working on lately. Now when my parents come up I can look nice and not feel so insecure. My new dress is green with white polka dots. It is fun. I can't wait to see the look on my mom's face. hehe.

I am sitting at home (dorms), deciding if I should start laundry, work on my papers, or just sit online and hope that I find something to do. I need something fun to do. I wonder what movies are coming out this weekend. hmm should check that out.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Went to IKEA today. It was fun. I got some cool storage items and two neat ice cube trays, one that is shaped like hearts and one that forms the ice to fit into a bottle mouth. I like them. I also realized that since my roommates are moving out I needed to pick up some kitchen supplies. I am very gald to have some new things. Theresa got her desk, kitchen table, and tv stand. I luged them from the Ikea bus to the taxi, very very far from each other. Also two of the boxes were like 45lbs. I really got my workout tonight. She had better believe that she will be going with me when I need to pick up some stuff. Other than that not a bad day. Had directing projects but other than that little detail I was good, other than being really tired from talking to my friend Jake in Florida. Yeah for only having a week and a half with roommates left!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

"Out of the Darkness and into the Sun"

I was a big person last night. I emailed the ex hoping that the opening of his show tonight would go well. Actually got an email back (if you knew the situation this would surprise you). It was something the the sounds of "yeah really hard show, I am going to callopse now".

I decided that I was going to listen to some itunes before class, I click on Kelly Clarkson, (not a bad selection if I do say so myself). I only really have two of her songs, Since you been gone and Breakaway. I listened to the first one and was like oh yeah this total explains my relationship with the ex. It is really nice you sing along with that song and be like yeah you sing it Kelly. I wish I was totally over the ass. I mean I really do.

Well have to run to class, my college professor actually found a sub for class today. I am so angry at him for doing that, I mean really itsn't that the point of college, when your teachers can't make it you don't have class and get the day off?? I wish someone would have told him

Homework- yeah, right

Yeah so I totally was ready to work on the first of my 2 eight page papers. Actually me and Theresa were going to work on them together since we both had one for the same class. Well first we have to look at apartments for her because I said I would go with her so she wasn't alone and could have a second opinion.

So we go, its fun we find an apartment. Now we are totally going to work on our papers. Nope, we end up going to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to look for storage containers. We get a little sidetracked, just a smidge. After we did that we were going to go and work on the paper. Well not quite, first we had to eat. So we got to Taco Bell, 2 blocks from the dorms. We get back and eat, taking our time. Yet we promised that we were going to write at least 1 page non-double spaced. Then we are finished. Theresa lays on my bed and almost falls alseep and I jump on the computer and talk to my friend Jake in Florida.

Pretty much I am back at where I was this afternoon, no closer to being done with this paper and no closer to getting started on the next. I really have to stop promising myself that I am actually going to work on my homework, it is only depressing me.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Floor Meeting

Tonight I had a floor meeting for the end of the year. I am finally moving out, well kind of. Let me explain, I am living in the dorms at my school. They are 16 blocks away from my school. The school has some weird rules for living in the dorms(ie. you can't have someone stay the night for more than 3 nights in a row, and you can only have someone stay over night 6 days a month). Lets just say I am ready for all of it to go away.

I was going to get an apartment with my friend Theresa but that kind of fell through because don't really want to live in the same area. So over the summer I am staying in educational housing, which funny thing is that I will live in the same building I currently live in only under different management. I'm not too sure about what their policies are, hopefully they will be much nicer than what I have now. Well the meeting we had tonight was about check out procedure. Well since I am staying between the turn over I am in limbo. I still have to pack all my stuff, but I don't have to move out. So I get to live out of boxes for like 2 weeks. It'll be fun, I swear. Then I get to live here until August 15 and then I need to find a place to live, either dorm style again or in an actual apartment.

I think I will let that one happen later on, I really can't focus on that right now since finals are breathing down my neck and after my short miniscule break down I can't have any more stress. I just need to get through these next two weeks and then I will start my new hell- Shakespeare. I am sure there will be many a posts on that, I promise.

To begin anew


I am giving this blog thing a chance. It is to go along with the new me and all of the new changes going on in my life. I need something other than live journal, which in essence is like this but not really quite there. I first saw this site while reading a best of off of craigslist. I think that this will be the best place for me to rant/rave about what is going on in my life. Now I am not very funny, but I try my best. I hope that this will be a great experience for me. Hey I am willing to give it a chance, I got nothing else to lose!